Tom Swift

"Watch these moves," said Tom emotionally.
"We had to do this again," said Tom redundantly
"I'll show you my impersonation of a goat again," Tom rebutted. "This is something I learned in Paris," said Tom, indifferently. "Your embroidery is terrible," she needled, cruelly. "We did it twice last night," she relayed.
"I'm wearing my wedding ring", said Tom with abandon. "The number of people not attending class today really bothers me",said the professor absent-mindedly. "I won't give it a second thought", said Tom absent-mindedly. "Are modern paintings worth stealing?" asked Tom abstractly. "The executioner has received the tool he needs", said Tom with a heavy accent. "Let's all play an A, a C#, and an E", cried the band with one accord. "I find my job painful -- every inch of it", said Lear achingly. "This salad dressing has too much vinegar", said Tom acidly. "There's room for one more", Tom admitted.
"Here's your allowance for the next two weeks", Tom advanced. "The jelly is 50% set", Tom affirmed.
"By convention!" cussed Tom airily.
"Fire!" yelled Tom alarmingly.
"It's a unit of electric current", said Tom amply. "We had trouble with the propulsion systems for those moon flights",said the NASA engineer apologetically. "My compliments to the company that makes the MacIntosh computer", said Tom applaudingly. "I'm of greater value to you every day", said Tom appreciatively. "I'll take that", said Tom appropriately.
"2 bdrm furn w 5 appl", said Tom aptly.
"It's between my sole and my heel", said Tom archly. "It's an actual parameter, not a formal parameter", was Tom's argument. "You have the right to remain silent", said Tom arrestingly. "That painting sure tasted good", said the goat artfully. "It's not a candy mint, it's a breath mint", Tom asserted. "I'll get you out of prison in no time", said Tom balefully. "!" said Tom while banging his head.
"Boy, will I give YOU a haircut!" said Tom barbarously. "Dorothy, if you're going to Oz again, I'm going with you", Em barked. "This is the most common language used on micros", said Tom basically. "I'm sure we can fool them into thinking this is pollen", said Tom beguilingly. "The fire's going out!" Tom bellowed.
"Why shouldn't I stir my yoghurt with a ballpoint pen?" Tom bickered. "These bit patterns will be more readable in groups of 8", said Tom bitingly. " ", said Tom blankly.
"I need a pencil sharpener", said Tom bluntly.
"I think I'll use a different font", said Tom boldly. "I still haven't struck oil", said Tom boringly.
"This is mutiny!" said Tom bountifully.
"My ancestor was a famous Confederate general who had an army fort named after him", Tom bragged. "I ain't afraid of those white men", said Cochise bravely. "Eating uranium can cause strange effects", said Tom brightly. "Take tea and see", said Tom briskly.
"Use your own hair brush", Tom bristled.
"We don't have room for any more peripherals", said Tom bus-ily. "The pool player from USC had to drop out because the proper equipment didn't arrive on time", Tom calculated. "So this is your new computer!" said Tom calculatingly. "Rowing so much hurts my hands", said Tom callously. "No, I haven't read Voltaire", said Tom candidly.
"I've grown fat on the contents of charity packages", said Tom carefully. "Why do you bother? I for one couldn't...", said Tom carelessly. "I like this drill", said Tom as he carie'd out the dental work. "One can't dispute the fundamental importance of learning the alphabet", Abie ceded. "I don't need the mantissa of the logarithm", said Tom characteristically. "It's twelve noon", Tom chimed in.
"That gives me a birdie for this hole", Tom chipped in. "That's my gold mine!" Tom claimed.
"Another plate of steamers all around!" Tom clamoured. "I was completely exonerated", said Tom clearly.
"My job is to lead the audience's applause", Tom clucked. "Pretend we were in the days before railways", Tom coached. "I'm putting this microfiche back where it belongs", said Tom complacently. "MY frozen orange juice requires you to add SIX cans of water", said Tom with great concentration. "The prisoner escaped by climbing down a rope", said Tom condescendingly. "Bring the prisoner down the stairs." said Tom condescendingly. "I organized that big party for the prisoners", Tom confessed. "The prisoners set up a corporation", the warden confirmed. "We're currently thinking about a figure somewhere between 7 and 9", said Tom considerately. "Don't worry, I'll take full responsibility for providing the prisoner with getaway footwear", said Tom consolingly. "The escaped prisoner is camping out in the woods", said Tom contentedly. "I favour self-restraint everywhere in North America", said Tom continently. "I have writer's block", said Tom contritely.
"I find you guilty!" said the judge with conviction. "We've taken over the government", the general cooed. "I feel like a Chinese labourer", said Tom coolly. "The size of those cobs is a-maize-ing!" was Tom's corny joke. "It's better to steal things together", Tom corroborated. "I hate climbing this winding staircase", said Tom coyly. "I hate shellfish", said Tom crabbedly.
"Give me some cheese and I'll tell you", said Tom craftily. "How do you start a model-T Ford without a battery?" asked Tom crankily. "I dropped the toothpaste", said Tom, crestfallen. "I'm dying", Tom croaked.
"I hate pies with crumb bases", said Tom crustily. "The eclipse is starting", said Tom darkly.
"I killed the Greek piper god", Tom deadpanned.
"Let me clean out this poison tank", said Tom deceptively. "Well, that tree definitely isn't a conifer", Tom decided. "X is an integer", Tom declared.
"Henceforth, the state will have no official beliefs", the king decreed. "It's time to play my wild card", Tom deduced.
"I refuse to obey that French 'No Smoking' sign", fumed Tom defensively. "Okay, you can have the gloves without lining", Tom deferred. "You are going to fail my class", said the teacher degradingly. "Welcome to the Annual Meatcutter's Convention!" delivered Tom. "Wouldn't just gold and frankincense do?" the Magi demurred. "I CAN'T be drowning in African waters!" pleaded Tom, deep in denial. "I have to insert this wooden spatula in your mouth", said Tom depressingly. "This is how he murdered the mystery writer", Tom described. "It's best to find a new word for this", Tom determined. "My word is final!" Tom dictated to his secretary. "Of course you graduated", said Tom diplomatically. "I was removed from office", said Tom disappointedly. "All I want is 20,000 machine guns", said the dictator disarmingly. "There are no more I/O operations to do today", Tom disclosed. "This slipped object is hard to find", the surgeon disclosed. "I'll not have you punk rockers making music in MY auditorium", said Tom disconcertingly. "And dat bay is not green", Tom discovered.
"Dat is not duh @#$%*! way to do it", Tom discussed. "Boy, that sure took the wind out of my sails!" said Tom disgustedly. "I have to wear this cast for another six weeks", said Tom disjointedly. "Out, out, damned spot!" said Lady Macbeth distainfully. "I need a Latin Bible suitable for reading under water", Tom divulged. "I don't HAVE to house-train my poodle", said Tom dogmatically. "I'm on welfare", said Tom dolefully.
"I never go into saloons", said Tom drily. "I've seen too many of my friends enter them optimistically and leave them mistyoptically." "All I ever do is work", Tom droned.
"Why would anyone want to start an Institute for the Mute?" asked Tom dumbfoundedly. "Now I can do some painting", said Tom easily.
"This computer display is shocking", said Tom electrically. "Let's get married", said Tom engagingly.
"I just hung my sheets on the clothesline", said Tom erringly. "I'm going after that red fish", said Tom erringly. "Eureka!" said Archimedes to the skunk.
"I wouldn't marry you even if you were the only woman on earth!" said Tom evenly. "I've changed my name to Al", said Hal, exasperated. "I wrote that window system for MIT", Tom exclaimed. "I used to own a gold mine," Tom exclaimed.
"Here, son, have a free balloon!" said Tom expansively. "I used to be a pilot", Tom explained.
"Perhaps he's a former Palestinian commie?" explored Tom. "But suppose X does exist after all", Tom expostulated. "I used to work for Kelly Services", Tom extemporized. "I used to command a battalion of German ants", said Tom exuberantly. "That's a lie!" Tom said in falsetto.
"I'm trying to get some air circulating up here just beneath the roof", said Tom fanatically. "The transit system could reduce its deficit by steeply charging those passengers on their way to rock concerts and sports events", said Tom with considerable fanfare. "I could always draw it on paper", Tom figured.
"This must be Nebraska", Tom stated flatly.
"Here's an epenthetic stamp", said Tom f'lat'ly.
"I love trying to make insects fly", said Tom flippantly. "I don't know how much longer I'll need only three of my houses", said Tom forebodingly. "I'm no good at golf. I know I'm going to hit another bad shot", Tom forewarned. "Now all I have to do for this banknote is engrave the portrait", Tom forged ahead. "I will NOT finish in fifth place", Tom held forth. "I do NOT have a multiple personality disorder", said Tom, trying to be frank. "I don't believe in mixed marriages", said Tom gaily. "That young insect is female", said Tom gallantly. "Oh, this house tastes good!" said Hansel and Gretel, gingerly. "Someone bumped into me while I was brushing my teeth", said Tom with a gleam in his eye. "Eating uranium makes me feel funny", said Tom glowingly. "For the meal we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful", said Tom gracefully. "My dime rolled into the sewer", cried Tom gratefully. "Where's the cheese?" asked Tom gratingly.
"May he rest in peace", intoned Tom gravely.
"I collect fairy tales", said Tom grimly.
"I've got sand in my food", said Tom grittily.
"Bad marksmanship", the hunter groused.
"I must be on a visit", Tom guessed.
"I don't have a boyfriend", said Mary guilelessly. "It's just gold leaf", said Tom guiltily.
"And to think I swallowed that lie, hook, line and sinker!" Tom gulped. "That may cause my violin strings to snap", was Tom's gut reaction. "Argh, I've just been stabbed!" said Tom half-heartedly. "Oh, stop talking about the Dreyfus case. Don't you like the colour of my eyes?" asked Esther hazily. "I've gained thirty pounds", said Tom heavily.
"These boxing gloves are too big", said Tom heavy-handedly. "It's my maid's night off", said Tom helplessly.
"I climbed Mount Everest", said Tom hilariously.
"I'm no communist", Alger hissed.
"Nay!" said Tom hoarsely.
"Have a ride in my new ambulance", said Tom hospitably. "The doctors had to remove a bone from my arm", said Tom humorlessly. "I cut off the bottoms of my trousers so they wouldn't drag in the mud", said Tom hygienically. "Boy, that's an ugly hippopotamus!" said Tom hypocritically. "Shall I frost the cake?" Tom offered icily.
"Pass the cards", said Tom ideally.
"This chicken has no beak", said Tom impeccably.
"I brush my teeth every five minutes", said Tom implacably. "Gremlins must have done it!" Tom implied.
"I made this out of laminated wood," Tom implied.
"Close the hatch! We're being invaded by bugs!" said Tom importantly. "Boy, am I impressed!" said Tom as he joined the British Navy. "I keep picking up radio signals from outer space", said Tom impulsively. "Things are always happening to me", said Tom incidentally. "I'm not sure how I feel about that particular matrix operation", said Tom indeterminately. "I sent Kathleen on a mission to the Antilles", Tom indicated. "May I join your group and sing, too?" Tom inquired. "I'm not leaving the chapel until I finish this painting", Michelangelo insisted. "Let's have a crimson display -- and turn up the brightness", said Tom with passionate intensity. "As soon as the rain stops, we'll break camp", said Tom intently. "I've got to find out why my broker got fired", said Tom as he investigated. "Nothing is indelible", said Tom irascibly.
"Your drip-dries are crumpled", said the laundress ironically. "My Chinese necklace has been stolen", said Mary jadedly. "I plan to start a cattle ranch in a space station orbiting Jupiter", said Tom joveally. "Why do they burn aromatic substances at these tournaments?" asked Tom, justly incensed. "I want to hear my baby bleat", Mary kidded.
"I've run out of wool", said Tom, knitting his brow. "No ellipses, no parabolas, and no hyperbolas", said Tom laconically. "I've made a study of girls", said Tom lassitudinously. "I think it's time I had a perm", said Tom liltingly. "Please save the branches of our trees", said Tom limply. "I like writing artificially intelligent programs", Tom lisped. "Choir up!" commanded the church conductor loftily. "What's the score in the Stevie Wonder - Ray Charles tennis game?" asked Tom lovingly. "I always pray to St. Ignatius", said Tom loyally. "I chop down trees for a living", said Tom lumberingly. "Add up this list of n numbers and then divide the sum by n", said Tom meanly. "According to this sonograph, the average frequency of my speaking voice is 160 Hz", said Tom in measured tones. "I've got to fix the car", said Tom mechanically.
"My dog will only eat cantaloupes", was Tom's melancholy complaint. "A thousand thanks, Monsieur", said Tom mercifully. "I'll cut you to ribbons!" said Tom mincingly.
"Have you anything by Hugo?" asked Les miserably.
"She's already married", said Tom mistakenly.
"I'm tired of smiling", moaned Lisa.
"This ain't real turtle soup!" said Tom mockingly. "I have a patent cure for 'the kissing disease'", said Tom monotonically. "My favourite opera composer is that Italian-American, Gian Carlo", said Tom monotonously. "Dawn came too soon", Tom mourned.
"I've got a new game", mumbled Peg.
"My glands are swollen", said Tom mumpishly.
"Ouch! I pinched my cheek trying to put on this earring", said Mary mysteriously. "Zero!" said Tom naughtily.
"The monster in the lake has eaten my cake", said Tom necessarily. "I got a snapshot of the CBS anchorman, but I haven't developed it yet", said Tom, rather negatively. "I got five cavities since my last dentist's visit", said Tom neurotically. "You may take a vacation in the south of France", said Tom nicely. "I was in a riot in Paris", Tom noised abroad.
"You could always sound-proof your apartment", Tom allowed noisily. "That just doesn't add up", said Tom, nonplussed.
"The performance was equal to the music", said Tom noteworthily. "What's a wide-angle lens?" asked Tom obtusely.
"That horse looks like a good bet at 75 to 3", said Tom oddly. "Watch out for that buzz-saw!" said Tom offhandedly. "I lost the debate because I ran out of things to say", said Tom outspokenly. "I have too many children", said Mary overbearingly. "I killed and cremated the Greek piper god", said Tom with panache. "My chute weighs only two kilograms", said Tom parametrically. "I'm having trouble keeping my balance", said Tom parenthetically. "I'm doing a syntactic analysis of low, long-drawn sounds indicating discomfort", said Tom parsimoniously. "I never get lost", said the pathologist.
"I've got all the work I can handle", said the doctor patiently. "You have to support the right party to get ahead", said the politician patronizingly. "I didn't look at all!" Tom peeped.
"Now where did I put that magazine?" Tom asked periodically. "Daddy, could I please have an ant farm for Christmas?" asked Tom petulantly. "I brought the dessert", said Tom piously.
"|" Tom piped.
"Eating uranium ore can cause atomic ache", said Tom with a high-pitched voice. "I've just been lulled by the sound of the world's greatest tenor", said Tom placidly. "This lake is sheltered by trees," said Tom placidly. "Sailing on this lake is easy", said Tom plainly.
"It's a gift from an Oriental friend", said Tom pleasantly. "I practiced three hours on my guitar", said Tom pluckily. "Nevermore will I read 'The Raven'", said Tom poetically. "Argh, I've just been stabbed with an ice pick", said Tom pointedly. "The exit is right there", Tom pointed out.
"My pencil is dull", said Tom pointlessly.
"Ah, what could be better than sitting by my miniature lake and listening to the wind blow through the tree leaves?" asked Tom ponderously. "Ack, there's no cola!" was the cry which popped out of Tom. "To be a model or not to be", was the question Mary posed. "I hope this is enough to feed my family", prayed the wolf. "I haven't had any tooth decay YET", said Tom precariously. "Multiplication before addition", said Tom, citing precedents. "Oh dear, I forgot to take my pill", said Mary pregnantly. "That's all been taken care of", Tom pretended.
"How about a quick one before the Indy 500?" Tom prezoomed to ask. "I teach at a university", Tom professed.
"Ah, HERE's the silver lining!" said Tom profoundly. "I've located a lady of the evening," said Tom, profoundly. "I support mechanization", said the promoter.
"I have to sing a run of eighth-notes", said Tom quaveringly. "Why would anyone want to play a role-playing game?" Tom questioned. "That quadruplet doesn't seem to get along with his brothers and sister", said Tom quibblingly. "Be careful with that silver stuff. It's mercury!" said Tom quickly. "This is the fastest way to get drunk", said Tom quixotically. "A dog bit me", said Tom rabidly.
"I'm the world's most aggressive matador", Tom rambled. "We publish one of the few dictionaries that define 'Tom Swifty'", said Tom at random. "This river is rough", said Tom rapidly.
"I can't stand strawberries", said Tom rashly.
"File a little more off that corner", said Tom raspingly. "It's the quotient of two integers", said Tom rationally. "You snake!" Tom rattled.
"I picked more berries than you did", Tom razzed.
"This value has to be converted to floating point", Tom realized. "Let's go for another gallop", Tom recanted.
"There it is again!" Tom recited.
"I haven't had an accident in ten years", said Tom recklessly. "I had to change the harmonization", Tom recorded. "I couldn't believe there were exactly 100 people there", Tom recounted. Tom said recursively, "Tom said recursively, 'Tom said recursively, ...'" "Nice mirror!" said Tom reflectively.
"I will NOT splurge on a circuit-breaker", Tom refused. "It's time for the second funeral", Tom rehearsed. "It fell apart in my hands", Tom rejoined.
"Okay, you can borrow it again", Tom relented.
"They're going to sue us again", said a reliable source. "I love hot dogs", said Tom with relish.
"That is remarkable", remarked Tom.
"This student appealed his grade, so I have to score his exam again", Tom remarked. "I'm in the process of documenting my BASIC program", Tom remarked. "I'm investing in German currency once again", Tom remarked. "I'm rereading the second Gospel", Tom remarked.
"I meant to pay this year's dues", Tom remembered. "I've gone back to using my maiden name", said Mary remissly. "I'd better repeat that SOS signal -- no-one seems to have heard us", said Tom remorsefully. "My garden needs another layer of mulch", Tom repeated. "I'll try selling them at the next house", Tom replied. "I'm taking this ship back in to the dock", Tom reported. "Must I show again why this theorem is true?" asked Tom reprovingly. "How long will I have to wait for a table?" asked Tom without reservation. "I'm gonna go live in the Canadian arctic", said Tom resolutely. "I'll have another piece of meat", Tom revealed.
"These Paris streets sure have funny names", said Tom ruefully. "I guess she fell off the motorcycle", said Tom ruthlessly. "Sure I've used the Unix stream editor", said Tom. "You resemble a goat", said Tom satirically.
"The seesaw is upside down", said Tom saucily.
"I stole some eggs; how would you like them?" asked the poacher as he scrambled away. "I ordered chocolate, not vanilla", I screamed.
"So only one person arrived at your party before I did?" Tom second-guessed. "I can't tell you anything about my salivary glands", said Tom secretively. "I have a tryst tonight with a mermaid", said Tom sedately. "Boy, that's a bright star", said Tom seriously.
"I just bought a wool sweater", said Tom sheepishly. "No, you can't have any of my oysters", said Tom shellfishly. "How do you like my petticoat?" asked Mary shiftlessly. "I think I'll end it all", Sue sighed.
"This brush isn't helping my hair one bit", Tom snarled. "My bicycle wheel is melting", Tom spoke softly.
"No, I have NOT had enough!" said Tom solicitously. "South Korea has a lovely capital city", said Tom soulfully. "Hah! I got that ten pin down!" said Tom sparingly. "The optician probably doesn't have my glasses ready yet", Tom speculated. "Hey, you're standing on my foot!" said Tom standoffishly. "Place all your Tom Swifties here", said Tom stoically. "This is an imitation diamond", said Tom stonily.
"I would like to hit Prince Charles' successor", said Tom strikingly. "They'll want a picture of me at the dinner table", Tom supposed. "One lump or two?" asked Mary sweetly.
"Yes, I've read ,Gulliver's Travels,", replied Tom swiftly. "I can be self-referential if I want to", said Tom swiftly. "I love percussion instruments", said Tom symbolically. "Please don't sneeze with your mouth full", said the carpenter's assistant tactfully. "I work at a bank", said Tom tellingly.
"My bid for this contract aims to please", said Tom tenderly. "Some days I think I'm a wigwam; other days I think I'm a teepee", said Tom too tensely. "I flunked this lousy exam", said Tom testily.
"Look at that monster's sandals!" said Tom in a thing-thong voice. "I have no idea", said Tom thoughtlessly.
"I only get Newsweek", said Tom timelessly.
"Why are you writing elegies at THIS hour? You should be in bed, young lady", the curfew told Nell. "I wonder what sex that cat is", said Tom.
"I was adopted", said Tom transparently.
"I punched him in the stomach three times", said Tom triumphantly. "The bank doesn't even want me as a depositor", said Tom unaccountably. "Get Smokie out of here!" said the warden unbearably. "There'll be no strippers in my town", said the sheriff unbareably. "No, it didn't go up my sleeve", said Tom underhandedly. "But a totalitarian government could remove all trace of my ever having existed!" said Tom unpersonably. "Oops, I've ripped my pants!" was Tom's unseemly comment. "I want to date other women", said Tom unsteadily. "The lion has its head caught in the skylight", said Tom uproariously. "I feel so... empty", said Tom vacuously.
"I will find out how many electrons that atom is sharing", said Tom valiantly. "I invested in a high-tech startup", Tom ventured. "I'm clenching my jaw because our local clergyman has a toothache", said Tom vicariously. "It's Moby Dick!" Tom wailed.
"Give me some Chinese food", said Tom wantonly.
"Who? What?" asked Tom warily.
"Aren't five cups of tea too many from one bag?" asked Tom weakly. "I go to visit my mother-in-law every Sunday", said Tom weakly. "Dorian Gray's by Oscar", said Tom wildly.
"I designate you my chief heir", said Tom willingly. "I am NOT a fraidy-cat", Tom wimppurred.
"... and lose a few", said Tom winsomely.
"I know all the wherefores", said Tom wisely.
"I'm knitting a sweater for my guppy", said Tom wolfishly. "This is all from memory", Tom wrote.
"Goodbye, Columbus!" flipped Tom wrothly.
"The entire map collection has been stolen!" said Tom xerographically. "What do you think of the Tibetan ox?" yackety-yakked Tom. "I'm so full, I could blow up", said Tom yeastily. "You've got to be egging me on", yolked Tom.
"I used lots of detergent in late December", was Tom's yuletide comment. "Zo please tell us what you have for zale", said Tom zealously. "When I swore, my mother made me eat soap", said Tom zestfully. "Your fly is undone", was Tom's zippy rejoinder.
"The baboons are at it again!" was Tom's zoophytic analysis. "You are a good friend, Monsieur." said Tom amiably. "Commodore makes a marvellous multitasking computer," said Tom amiably. "We can insure any part of your body," assured Tom. "This wind is awful," blustered Tom.
"We'll get the inmates to plant the garden," Tom conceded. "I've just had my brains screwed out," said Tom flacidly "I think she read my mind!" Tom psi'd.
"I'm not sure about Quantum mechanics" said Tom uncertainly. "Let's put Mr. Rose back in the ball game," repeated Tom. "I'm number one" said Ricky Henderson, abasing himself. "Balls," she said roundly.
"I used to be a pilot", Tom explained.
"I'm a tree stripper!" Tom barked.
"Look what you did to my pants", he said to the tailor shortly. "Look at that rocket go!", he said in a flash.
"We don't have a ghost of a chance", said Tom hauntingly. "What are you taking taking pictures of?", Tom snapped. "What's magnetic media?" Tom sputtered.
"Who is this guy Rocky?", he said Sly-ly